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High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting is primarily used to clean out a main sewer line that is not running at maximum capacity. Water jetting is often performed in tandem with electronic cabling, as system that has the ability to punch a hole in a clog, but not one that will restore total flow. High pressure water jetting scours the inside of a sewer line or pipe with a 360 degree circumference, removing 99% of all debris and restoring total flow to a sewer line.

How High-Pressure Jetting Works

High-pressure water jetting is performed with a sprayer-head attached to a stiff hose. Water is pumped through the hose at an extremely high rate creating a concentration of intense pressure. The result is an output that is able to cut through anything slowing down and clogging up your drain. This includes tree roots, sanitary products, and anything else that frequently contributes to a clog. We mean anything. In fact, when turned up high enough, the water jet is able to cut through a 2″ 4 piece of lumber.


Water Jetting for Preventative Maintenance

High-pressure water jetting is an excellent choice for preventative maintenance or prior to electronic cabling work. It serves as a method for restoring total flow back to your drains. It can also be used to clear slow-running drains caused by grease or sludge buildup in your sewer line or household drains. In addition, we use a smaller system for lines inside the home, such as a kitchen sink or shower drain.

Pros and Cons of Water Jetting

High-pressure water jetting is a temporary solution. It will last much longer than electronic cabling by itself, but it cannot stop tree roots from penetrating your sewer in the future. Think of tearing a weed out of your lawn or garden. The problem disappears for a short time, but in the future, it will always find a way to rear its pesky head. We’ll make sure your home is a good candidate for high-pressure water jetting, as it cannot be used in every home or office, particularly those with tight turns in the sewer line.

Call McHenry Plumbing for Water Jetting

Are you seeking preventative maintenance for the sewer line in your home or office? Or maybe your drains are running slow as a result of becoming clogged or completely backed up? If so, call McHenry Plumbing immediately. We are large enough to handle any job and we’re located right in your area to provide quick, efficient, and cost-effective service. Remember, when you call McHenry Plumbing we get the job done right the first time.

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