Plumbing Repairs & Installation

Plumbing Repairs & Installations in McHenry and Lake County, IL

Are you facing a plumbing problem at your home or commercial building? Don’t wait until the problem gets worse to call in the expertise of a professional. McHenry Plumbing will work quickly to resolve your plumbing issue and return your system to a functional state. We can handle any plumbing problem, whether big or small. Our team is also equipped to install new plumbing components, including new construction and fixtures. Whatever you need, our team is here to deliver. We have years of experience completing plumbing repairs and installations to those living in McHenry and Lake County, IL home and businesses. You can count on us to provide stellar service in every project we complete. Contact us today to schedule a service at your home.

Signs It’s Time to Call a Plumber

Identifying a plumbing issue can be difficult. It’s sometimes hard to know what requires the attention of a professional, but calling a licensed plumber is usually the best option when you encounter any plumbing problem. Using do-it-yourself tactics can make the problem worse or result in more damage. This means larger repair bills and more interruption to your daily life. Contact McHenry Plumbing today if you’ve noticed any of the following problems:

  • The toilet gurgles: This is the first sign of a possibly clogged or compromised drain, especially if the gurgling occurs when the toilet is not being used. It’s a sign the system is attempting to find air and could signal that your toilet is about to back up and create a mess.
  • You hear water running: If you continuously hear water running through your pipes, even when nobody is using water, it likely means you have a leak somewhere in your system. Even if you can’t see it, water could be leaking behind walls or in ceilings and causing damage.
  • Low water pressure: When water pressure drastically changes, it could be a sign of significant problems. You may have a broken pipe, an eroded waterline, or a leak somewhere in your plumbing system.
  • Slow drains: An experienced plumber will know the best methods to remove drain clogs. Instead of attempting at-home remedies, let us evaluate and fix your slow drain with the help of our knowledge and professional tools.

New Plumbing Installation

Are you building a new structure or adding an addition to your home? This likely means the addition or extension of plumbing systems. Our team can install new plumbing components to outfit your home or business with the best fixtures on the market. You can rest assured knowing your system will be ready for use and will last for years to come when you put our team on the job. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our plumbing professionals.

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