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Plumbing Repair & Installation in McHenry County, IL

Home and business owners throughout McHenry County, Lake County, IL, and the surrounding communities choose McHenry Plumbing for plumbing repairs and installation. A damaged plumbing system in your home or office can cause an unsafe environment for employees, customers, and family members. Our team of experienced plumbing professionals can help you protect your property with reliable and fast plumbing repair and installation work. As a locally-owned and operated business, we’re proud of the fact we’ve helped countless home and business owners throughout the area. And with the right skills, technology, and experience, we’re confident we can help you, too. Contact us today to schedule your residential or commercial plumbing service.

Plumber repairing the mechanism of a toilet

New Plumbing Installations

Whether you’re building a new home or putting an addition onto your existing one, you’ll likely require new plumbing installation. McHenry Plumbing is the full-service plumbing company you can trust. Your plumbing system must be expertly installed to ensure you receive running water where needed in your home or office. We work within your architectural designs. Our team can help you select the right faucets and fixtures for a stunning finished plumbing installation. Choose to use for the following new plumbing installation services:

  • Sump Pump Installation
  • New Home Addition
  • New Construction
  • Toilet Installation
  • Faucet and Fixture Installation
  • Garbage Disposal Installation

When’s the Right Time to Call a Plumbing Professional?

Whether you are a home or business owner, calling a reliable plumbing company the moment you recognize an issue with your plumbing is essential. Attempting a DIY repair may help temporarily, but without the right tools, experience, and knowledge, there’s no way to be sure the problem has been fixed. Our team can diagnose the cause of the issue and recommend the appropriate solutions for a long-lasting repair. Learn about when it’s the right time to contact our team for plumbing repair:

Noisy Toilet

One of the earliest indications of an issue with your plumbing is an unusual sound coming from your drains. Gurgling noises mean the air is trying to pass through the obstruction.

Running Water

Persistent sounds of water flowing through pipes, even without water use, likely indicate a hidden leak in the system. Water may be seeping unseen behind walls or ceilings, causing hidden damage.

Low Water Pressure

Sudden changes in water pressure could signify significant issues like a broken pipe, eroded waterline, or a leak within the plumbing system.

Slow Drains

Slow drains can occur due to any number of issues, including a clog or damaged pipe. Chemical drain cleaners may not always help and could make the issue worse.

Trusted Plumbing Company in McHenry County, IL

Home and business owners throughout McHenry County, Lake County, IL, and the surrounding communities trust us for comprehensive plumbing repair and new installation. Our plumbing professionals have access to the latest plumbing technology, allowing us to complete large and small plumbing projects with precision and care. When you need a finished product that looks great and protects your home or office from water damage, we’re the locally owned and operated company you can trust. Contact our team to schedule your service today.

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