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Called them in a panic, our home warranty co gave us no help for 2 days, not able to flush our toilets without icky come up our bathtubs. 3 little ones and a pregnant daughter upstairs from me. Decided to just pay ourselves. So nice and understanding, told me same day 3pm and then called me back and said we can be there at 1! Thank God. Butch and his assistant were so nice, even to the dogs and the kids, and explained every step. They were thorough and kept the job site clean! Quoted the price and came in under! We will be lifetime customers and also plan to use them for our heating and ac maintenance program. It’s such a relief to find local honest and kind people to help us! Thank you so much! Btw
Also gave us a wonderful referral for having our septic tank pumped out, also local people Pitel. Gonna dump the home warranty company!

Annie Coleman

I had a leaky spigot, and Josh showed up in less than an hour and fixed the spigot, as well as connected my new heater to the pool, Josh even walked me through the pool start-up and winterization process. Josh was very friendly and professional. The did both the spigot and heater for a very reasonable price. I am a McHenry Plumbing customer for life.

Paul A.

We had a frozen water pipe. They came out in about 30 min and isolated and repaired the leak ASAP. Who could ask for more? A very reasonable price. Highly recommended.

J Birk

Came out same day and explained thoroughly our options. Cost was very reasonable and done in a very short time. Would recommend McHenry Plumbing to anybody. Thanks for the great service. Would call again.

Bob G.

I recently moved into the area and when my water heater sprung a leak, I wasn't sure where to turn. I went with MPI because of their numerous shining reviews and close proximity to my home and I'm glad I did. Big shout outs go to Dot who made setting up the appointments as easy as could be, to Tony who diagnosed the root cause of the issue and showed me exactly what it was so I could see for myself and know that he wasn't trying to pull a fast one just to make a sale, and to Johnny who installed the new water heater, was extremely knowledgeable and gave me numerous pointers on how to increase the longevity of the new heater, and was a pleasure to talk with while he was there. The estimate was also very fair and the final price was almost exact to it which was a pleasant surprise since I usually expect an estimate to be significantly lower than the actual price for any kind of repair. I highly recommend this company to anyone, but particularly those like myself who may not be too savvy when it comes to plumbing and heating. You have earned a return customer.

Justin W.

I’ve used McHenry Plumbing for my AC/Furnace/water heater needs for years. Recently I had several plumbing issues needing attention. Johnny came over and took the time to show and explain what was needed and gave me some great suggestions as well. I called back a week later for something else and Johhny was able to come over that same day. He's a total professional with a wealth of knowledge and I would recommend him to anyone! Honestly you do get your money’s worth with this company!

Lori R.

We were amazed at how quickly they responded and they were so friendly! They solved our problem quickly and efficiently!! Thank you!!

Megan G.

Excellent company with a small town feel, but very professional service. Had an outside water faucet freeze and began leaking inside the basement in the middle of winter. They proposed to put in a shutoff valve to isolate the water system from the outside hose faucet and return in the spring. I called them back to replace the run, the faucet and correct the angle to the outside so it would drain properly when getting ready for next winter. Works great now. Since we had it fixed basically in two visits, the cost was much more easy on our finances. Thanks Brian and Butch.

Robert G.

Butch walked us through the issue and the fix with great detail. Friendly guy too! This kind of service is so hard to find - honest, reasonable prices, and honest. Dot and Butch are the best!!

Kim T.

They replaced our water heater in a timely and professional manner. The quote they gave on the phone was exactly what I ended up paying-no hidden fees. Very friendly and knowledgeable plumber (Butch). I couldn't believe how fast he removed the old one, replaced all the valves and brought them up to code and installed the new water heater. Would recommend and will definitely call again. They took an unpleasant situation (broken water heater) and made it right all at a reasonable cost.

Carrie Z.

My mom had a 3 year old water heater that didn\'t light and was without hot water for a week. She called another company that tried to tell her her water heater was shot and she\'d need a new one for $1600.00! Tony from McHenry Plumbing came out and got the pilot lit in no time. He didn\'t lie and try to sell her a new unit when nothing was wrong with it. The customer service from Tony and Dot was great. I\'d definitely recommend this company.


Haven't even done the work yet and I'm impressed. Called seeing when someone can come out, they dropped everything they were doing and came over to look at my leak!!! Elizabeth, the phone receptionist is very kind and friendly!!!

Dan N.

These days it is hard to find good customer service. But this is not the case with McHenry Plumbing. The girl in the office was very nice and super friendly and Butch the gentleman that came was also very nice and super friendly and fixed my problem in 15 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised by their awesome customer service. I will definitely be calling them again in the future when needed.

Cathy S.

I am new to Wonder Lake, just moved into a "fixer upper", found early today a leak in the crawl space. I looked in the yellow pages called one plumber and they acted like they couldn't be bothered. I then called McHenry Plumbing, talked with Elizabeth and she was so pleasant and nice, hooked me right up with a plumber, Butch who was here within the half hour as told by Elizabeth. Took his time explained things about the different systems that I have, which I knew nothing about, fixed the leak and not only did they make me feel like an equal (some professionals make you feel like you have two heads when they explain things to you) and am thankful I now have a decent plumbing company I can count on.

Ann C.

As luck would have it, last Saturday, we woke up to no hot water. I "Googled Water Heater repairs" and Mchenry was at the top of the list. The lady on the phone was super nice and had their technician, Butch, at the house within an hour. He is great and explained that investing $$$ in a 12 year old water heated is NOT the best idea. He's a great guy and had a 75 gal replacement installed first thing Monday morning. A little expensive ($2550 installed), but EXCELLENT service which is why "Very Good" vs. Excellent... Runs great, thanks!

Paul V.

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