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The toilets in your home are likely one of the most underappreciated components. It’s one of those things we take for granted. We just always assume they’ll work, until one day you encounter a problem. Having a malfunctioning toilet can be a major inconvenience, especially if you only have one bathroom in your home. The team at McHenry Plumbing is here to take care of this problem quickly by providing toilet repair and installation in McHenry and Lake County, IL. Our experienced team can provide the service you need when you need it. You can count on us to deliver top-notch repairs and a stellar customer experience. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your home.

Common Signs Your Toilet Needs a Repair

Your toilet will let you know when there’s an issue, but you have to be sure to pay attention to the signs it’s sending you. Don’t brush off problems or push them to the back burner. Instead, call a professional plumber like McHenry Plumbing at the first sign of trouble. All of the following are signs that your toilet needs repair:

  • Your toilet clogs frequently: If your toilet clogs once a week or more, you likely have an issue, like a hidden clog or worn out parts. Our team can determine the problem.
  • Your toilet has problems flushing: Does your toilet only partially flush or not flush at all? There’s probably a problem with the flushing mechanism. We have the right tools and parts to fix it.
  • The tank or bowl will not refill: This problem signals that there may be a problem with the fill valve. We can take a look and replace the valve with a new one of the appropriate size and style.
  • It’s leaking around the base: This usually means that you have a broken seal around the base of your toilet. This can waste water, so it should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Your toilet constantly runs: If your toilet is always running, even when you haven’t flushed it, the flapper valve is probably not closing correctly. We can help you determine the problem and replace any broken parts.

Completing New Toilet Installation

Whether you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom or your current toilet can no longer be repaired, McHenry Plumbing is the team you want to complete new toilet installation. We’ll help you choose the appropriate model for your family, keeping functionality and water usage in mind. Then, our expert team will remove your old toilet and replace it with a brand-new model. You’d be surprised at how many problems an upgraded toilet can solve. Say so long to frequent clogs, leaks, and constant running! And get ready to have a fully functioning toilet for years to come.

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When it comes to the plumbing system at your home, you only want the best. McHenry Plumbing ensures you get it. With a team of qualified and fully-trained plumbers, we are equipped to handle any plumbing problem we encounter, no matter the size. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can ensure your plumbing system will always work for your family.

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